What happened to the old site?

ismympaprick.co.uk was born out of frustration about being unable to get across what politicians actually stand for to people I spoke to about politics in real life.

It didn’t change anything with that but when I posted it on reddit it was quite popular. So it achieved some sort of vindication in some small way.

I got lots of feedback and many great suggestions and many many pointers as to why people we weren’t classifying as pricks, were in fact, pricks.

I started to work on new version but with Keir Starmer leaning towards yet more centre-right, capitalist, dick-bag policies. Leaving me politically homeless. Leaving basically no real alternative and no real hope of change in politics in the foreseeable future in the UK, I realised my heart wasn’t really in it.

With the recent by-elections the information is now incomplete and with no intention of making a new version I decided to take it offline.

You can access the old site https://is-my-mp-a-prick.herokuapp.com/ but bear in mind new MP's will not be added.

Those who care can always still visit theyworkforyou.com to get information about what their MP actually stands for.

If anyone has ideas for the domain and would like to take it over send me an email at info@ismympaprick.co.uk.